VanCity Jewels' Philospohy

VanCity Jewels' goal is to provide quality jewelry to all our clients for an affordable price. At VanCity Jewels we believe the purchase of Gold is a great way to save your cash while still being able to enjoy it everyday. Gold, unlike a lot of other purchases, does not get cheaper over time it becomes greater value over time.

VanCity Jewels

Our Story

VanCity Jewels is a local Metro Vancouver based company. VanCity Jewels first started in 2017 as a college project with nothing more than a business card and a dream. We have been growing the brand since and we are proud to offer our service as added value for every client. With our knowledge and skill set combined with your dream, we can achieve your goals for an affordable price.

"Cash comes and Goes, Gold lasts Forever"

Meet The Team

Jamyson is pursuing an academic career and jewelry has always been a hobby of his. He has Retail Sales experience from the Jewelry Industry and has the gift of gab. Can be found rain or shine adventuring the Metro Vancouver area. Follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see where he might be!

Locally Born and Ethically Raised in British Columbia

"After paying retail for Tungsten, it is a privilege to purchase gold from VanCity Jewels"

Guided by Ambition, Motivated by Success
-VanCity Jewels

Jamyson Portrait-VanCity Jewels


The Peoples Jewelery Specialist
Sales Representative

“Todays Dollar is worth more than Tomorrows Dollar”

Jamyson enjoys spending his free time Lifting Weights, Mountain Biking and Eating Food

"Cash Comes & Goes, Gold Lasts Forever"
-VanCity Jewels

Working to become Metro Vancouvers greatest jewelry store
-VanCity Jewels






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