"Cash Comes & Goes, Gold Lasts Forever"

VanCity Jewels

What is the VanCity Jewels Layaway Plan?

Layaway is an agreement in which the seller (VanCity Jewels) reserves an item for the consumer (you) until the consumer (you) completes all the payments necessary to pay for that item in the agreed upon Term.

Why Start a VanCity Jewels Layaway Plan?

Tired of saving to buy that big chain? Want to purchase your significant others something that they will remember forever? Wrapped up paying for other hobbies but still really want that new piece?

If so, you are in the right place!

With the VanCity Jewels layaway plan, you will be able to continue living your life while putting money towards a beautiful piece!

VanCity Jewels

Get Your Shine On With The VanCity Jewels Layaway Plan!

With just 1 deposit to secure your layaway plan, you will have (insert) months to pay off your remaining balance while keeping cash in your pocket to spend!

There is no hidden fees, interest or sur-charges on any VanCity Jewels Layaway Plan.

A 25% down deposit and monthly payments are required on your VanCity Jewels Layaway Plan.

Start a VanCity Jewels Layaway Plan Today!